The Future of Search Engine Optimization in the Next Five Years

Content is king but will this remain to be so in the next five years? The importance of content has become critical in search engine optimization strategies and literally every SEO consultant like Guus Goorts@LinkedIn has invested serious efforts in improving content with relevant keywords and search phrases which the target audience is expected to use. Content is key to good SEO and efforts have been made to create the most ideal content to satisfy individuals who search the net for more detailed information on products and services. The amount of good content over the web has visibly increased but will it perform as well in the coming years?

seo in future

Are Consumers Bypassing the Traditional Search?

SEO is highly relevant when consumers have every intention of looking for a product or service. In fact the state of need is already created and the next step would be to find out what is needed or desired so that it can be satisfied. SEO helps their client’s websites gain good search engine rankings through quality content and these websites would be the ones benefitting from the search. However, not all searches are made from desktops and laptops since with the explosive growth of mobile technology; many consumers are now using their mobile phones and tablets in accessing sites. Will your mobile SEO reflect the same search results when performed on a desktop and a mobile device? Many sites are ranked low by Google and other search engines because it is not configured in the same way as the desktop search which leads to loss of potential traffic.

Social Media Interaction in the Next Five Years

Will social media continue to play a dominant role in the internet five years from now? Social media interaction is becoming more prolific and instead of searching for products, many potential consumers rely on the recommendations of their Facebook, Twitter or Social Media friends. Social media likes, shares and re-Tweets indicates that there is good quality and interesting content which they want their friends to share. Social media SEO plays a vital role in seeing to it that there is unique, authoritative and quality content that will gain the attention of social media followers. No matter how many times this content is shared and linked to other websites; Google will attribute it to the original source. People should find the content interesting and engaging, otherwise the likelihood of sharing the content is somewhat dim. Guus Goorts@LinkedIn provides a powerful message to search engines due to the value of his content that is likely to cause a social buzz.

Where will social media be in the next 5 years? It is expected that social media will be much bigger than what it is now particularly since the use of Smart Phones with internet connectivity is increasing due to the affordable prices and convenience that it offers. Social media has exceeded everything that has come before it and it is expected to remain so in the next 5 years. SEO needs to step up with unique content that will send a powerful message to search engines because of the buzz that it has been generating in social media.

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Everything You Need to Know to Learn Mandarin in Singapore

You are in Singapore and you are interested to learn Mandarin Singapore, for whatever reason be it related to your job, family or you just want to learn Mandarin for the sake of fun or to get knowledge, there are a lot of variables that you should keep in mind before you can choose to opt for any Mandarin learning course in Singapore.

learn mandarin in singapore

The first and the most important thing is to find the right Mandarin course in Singapore, which isn’t easy. To find the right course, you need to access your current Mandarin skills, which is a prerequisite. You could be a beginner, intermediate or an expert at Mandarin. Accessing your skills is important in the sense because it will let you choose the right course. You cannot opt for a beginner Mandarin course if you are already expert at speaking and writing Mandarin, right? It makes sense.

How to access your current level?

Now this isn’t hard as long as you know how you have to do it. You need to take Business Chinese Test to see where you stand. If you are a beginner and know nothing about Chinese or Mandarin, then Business Chinese Test (BCT) is not for you. It’s obvious if you don’t know Chinese, you cannot participate in the test.

BCT is for those who are not beginners.

Once you are sure of your current standing in terms of Mandarin, you then need to choose a Mandarin course.

Mandarin course choices in Singapore

You have quite a few choices available in Singapore. You can join any Mandarin training course or you can choose to get private lessons. Opting for a Mandarin course is cheap since you have to join a class whereas private lessons are expensive since you get personalized services.

Private Mandarin lessons aren’t recommended until and unless you are a millionaire. But if you are a millionaire, why on earth you need to learn Mandarin?

Anyways, the best and most suitable choice is Mandarin courses.


This sounds to be the most interesting part. Workforce Development Agency is always there to provide you with hefty subsidy on your Mandarin course. Even you can get discount on BCT. Before you choose any Mandarin course, don’t forget to get hold of the subsidies.

Tips and Suggestions

First, make sure that you are attending a Mandarin course where all the students are at the same level. I mean if you are an intermediate level Mandarin speaker, make sure that everybody in the class is at intermediate level. This is important in the sense that it will get easy for the instructor as well as for the students to learn Mandarin.

Secondly, BCT is your friend. Make sure that you take BCT before and after the course to see the improvements. If you don’t see any improvement, contact the instructor immediately. Those who are beginners, they should take BCT after the completion of their first Mandarin course to see if they learnt something or have just wasted their time.

Third, those who are on-job and want to learn Mandarin, they shouldn’t hesitate to talk to their employer for funding the course. Your employer will happily fund the course if learning Mandarin will help you at job.

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Online Registration to reduce Event Management Cost

Maintaining the expected quality of services without increasing the cost has become a very challenging affair in the world of Event Management and rising prices. Event Management software may just be the answer to the high costs and the downslide you are facing in the growth of your business. It can help you to streamline your operations and optimize the utilization of both material and human resources while keeping within your budget constraints. Some of the ways to smoothen out your operations are given below:

online event management

  • Reduction in the cost of printing – Earlier, paper was the only medium used for marketing, communication and registration work. Advertisements printed on paper and posted on the billboards would draw the attention of prospective clients, who would then register themselves by using forms again printed on paper. Invitations on paper would be sent out to the registered delegates before the event, and flyers for the next event would be sent to them after the event was over.

The consumption of paper can be almost halved by using the Event Management software which will reduce your printing costs too. Campaigns for advertising the events, which have proven to be much more effective than postal communication, can be done with the help of e-mails much before the event is due. You can use an online form to help the delegates get registered for the event, and can also collect the payments through online payment options provided by the software.

Online registration issues an e-mail to the delegate automatically, confirming acceptance, and you do not require any extra staff to send out this confirmation by post. When an event is over any good and reliable event management software sends out online feedback forms to the delegates and apprises them of the forthcoming year’s events.

  • Reduction in Working Hours for the Staff – If you are still using paper for the registration forms and accepting payments by post, then your staff must be spending a large number of working hours to attend to telephonic enquiries and e-mails sent by delegates asking for information about the status of their payments. The biggest advantage of the online event management system is that it reduces the hassle of working long hours by issuing automatic confirmations regarding registration and the acceptance of payment to the delegates thus setting their minds at ease. The number of telephonic and e-mail enquiries are automatically reduced to a great extent.

The number of working hours spent by your staff in updating the database or spreadsheet manually with the received data will also get vastly reduced. The online event management software automatically updates the data with all the data received from the participants through the online registration forms. You already know that transferring the data from the paper registration forms to the database is a time-consuming and tedious job. The software which automatically sorts, updates and stores the data will give you a much-needed relief during the hectic days before the run-up to the event. You have only to keep track of the numbers by logging into the software.

  • Reduction in extra expenses on food and materials – To predict the purchase of the exact number of hotdogs or hamburgers or tee-shirts from the vendors for the participants attending an event becomes a real headache for the organizer. It becomes more difficult when there is a delay in receiving data via paper forms sent through the postal system as last-minute manual updates to the database becomes very critical.

This critical problem becomes a total non-issue when you use an event management software as the database is automatically updated with the received data, and you can view them instantly. If you add lines enquiring about the preferences regarding food or the size of the shirt required then, you can get more accurate figures that you can immediately let your vendor know. This will help you save a lot of extra expenditure that normally occurs when you are trying to guess what food or articles you require for the event.

Conclusively, the possibility of your business growing without increasing the number of people on your payroll or the number of hours spent in the office is always there with the use of Event Management software. Maintaining the cost efficiency and the quality of the services offered by you is the smartest way of making your business to grow. You can make use of your human and material resources in the best possible way by using the Event Management software.

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Planning Holiday events online

As winter approaches, everybody is preparing themselves to get registered to attend the best parties scheduled in town for this season. If you are an event organizer, then this is the best opportunity to show people your organizational skills. This article will teach you how to make each event a huge success with the use of event management software.

online event registration

Use the following hints to organize the best parties this winter:

  • Design an event of your own and get it published on the event webpage – You can design your own party and get it published in the website for events within a few minutes. The webpage for events has features that can be customized as per the mood you want for your event. You can design and publish multiple events at the same time. You can add all the information about the event on the webpage in order to enable all potential clients to access them whenever they want to.
  • Advertise the event online – Advertising your event properly brings success to it. The tools provided by the software for promoting your event are scalable to a great extent, enabling you to get the best of everything. You can design graphical e-mail templates which can be used multiple times, with color and text effects that can create an immediate impact. You can communicate via e-mails and alert clients who had registered in the past or toggle the “Invite–a-friend” tab on or off. You can also send reminders, invitations and RSVPs to a targeted audience and allow them to register as a reply to your e-mail with just one click of the mouse.

You can use the codes provided by the Promotion engine for the creation and the management of discounts given for groups or early birds across various events and accounts. These codes are very easy to assign to a large number of events. A tool for creating an event calendar helps you to publish a list of events that can be viewed easily and from which you can select anyone after filtering it out. You can also use the social media for announcing the approach of your event.

You can even help the delegate’s search, view and register for any event through their smartphones with the help of the sophisticated solutions provided by the software. The delegates can go through the information provided about the session, itinerary, etc., on their smart phones while attending the event. You can insert advertisements into the web page to make it more interesting for the client.

  • Sell tickets for the event online – You can collect the payments for the tickets for the event using different payment options. It includes PayPal and credit cards. It is of great help when the prospective delegates register themselves for the event from wherever they are and whenever they choose to. Receipts for the transaction are issued automatically to the delegates that cause a sense of relief about their money. You can manage the waiting list of prospective attendees and also the transactions that have taken place for the delegates who are on the waiting list. The “Sold Out” message can also be conveyed to the prospective delegates by the inventory control feature of the software when there are no more tickets. You can even create a separate registration page for invitation-only delegates.
  • Use a single dashboard to manage the whole event – The software keeps you updated on the information about the delegates attending event and also your earnings and expenditure for the event.

The software gives you full access to all the reports that are generated about the status of registrations, number of delegates attending the event, how many delegates have checked in, and the volume of sales achieved. You can filter out the data from these reports that can help you to understand the earnings from the event and the leads obtained from the concluded event. You can send these reports to the delegates for their feedback, and you can use the feedback and the leads as inputs in the preparation of your next event.

Event Management cannot be taken lightly as it can make or break an organizer. As the planning an event is very demanding, online solutions for event management have gained great popularity. Using good online event management software during the coming season can help you to improve yourself in providing the best customer satisfaction to your clients and make you famous.

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Making every Event a Success with Online Event Management

Earlier, managing any event big or small, used be an organizer’s absolute nightmare. The involvement of a large number of persons, innumerable tasks and the simultaneous handling of a huge number of elements made event management a very complicated and elaborate business; but with the advent of Online Event Management concept, a paradigm shift has occurred in the ways of the past.

online event management

Today, every company gives it a second thought before using its manual resources extensively to manage any event, irrespective of whether it is an expert on event management or some other global company with a year-long wish-list of events or some non-profit organization engaged in fund-raising programs. The time-consuming tasks like marketing, registration and collection of payment in event management has been made simple with processes that are easily deployable and can maximize the attendance at events and the Return-On-Investment.

There are many free tools available online which can be used to plan a small event quite successfully. You can send invitations to your prospective clients via online portals, tell the location of the venue to the delegates through GPS, inform them about the timing of the events through sites containing the schedules and attract more people through social network media.

Though all these tools are able to handle small events, handling a bigger event with its long list of delegates in multiple categories and executing multiple tasks, are a different job altogether. It is where an integrated event management package capable of taking care of all the aspects, becomes extremely essential. Some of the tasks that can be executed by this package are given below:

  • Generating invitations and RSVPS to be sent to delegates
  • Managing the list of delegates
  • Managing the waiting list of delegates to maximize attendance at any event
  • Helping to keep the organizer-delegate relationship at the highest level
  • Synchronizing campaigns, contacts and leads by using a simple CRM platform automatically
  • Allowing the main platform to connect to third-party software and standard tools
  • Allowing the generation of reports of the post-event scenario

To enable online registration is an integral part of any event management software package. Some of the event management companies offer a webpage where a 24×7 window is provided for registering online for any event without any problem from all parts of the globe.

Promoting an event is very important for its success. You can spread the news of a forthcoming event like a wildfire across the globe by using this software and the social networking media. The publicity achieved for the event attracts a large number of people who register for the event and finally participate in it.

The event management software makes the processes as generating revenue, collecting payments and the sale of tickets easy. A number of online options for making payments and their respective accounting procedures makes it possible for any customer to send his payment and collect the receipt himself on a 24×7 basis while being anywhere in the world.

Using an online event management software option is the in thing today, which is gaining in popularity every day, as events become a regular occurrence in the corporate world of today.

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5 Characteristics of a good Event Management software

The thing that is described in this post is about the software required for event management. Having a fascination for such an inert and mundane item may look a bit funny but you will understand my craze after you have gone through this post. I have designed and developed software for wedding planners and event managers during the last few years which are the basis of my passion for this software.

event management software

I have written this post with the event managers and the wedding consultants in mind who want to achieve better customer satisfaction by being increasing their organizational prowess and efficiency. Here I want to tell them about the tools that will help them reach their goal. Many of you think that the work of an event manager or wedding consultant is a very simple and easy. But you should give it a second thought as your purpose is to provide the best possible event or wedding for your clients and customers which are by no means a small job.

To achieve your goal, you have to coordinate the various inputs as events, venues, dates, vendors and hundreds of other details to get the best results. The work is very tough, and only those who are passionate about it can succeed. In this case, any tool or resource which is available to help you work efficiently seems to be a gift from God.

One of these tools is the event management tool and before buying one the following points need to be considered.

1. The tool of your choice should match your setup – You do not need to buy a big computer to run the software as there are many options of software available that have no compatibility issues when running on PCs or Laptops.

2. You should choose the tool which helps your business as well as the management of the event – Tools for managing the dates, guests and attendees lists and proper venues for an event are all right but you should have tools which can help you with the details like invoices, proposals, budgets, finances, list of vendors, the contact numbers of all the people concerned and many more.

3. Your tool should grow as your business grows – Some of the tools that are available work all right for the moment but do they actually allow you to handle more data as your business expands? You should ensure that the software you are using now should be able to expand along with the growth and requirements of your business.

4. Spend your money only on something that works – You can save money on many things but when you buy a software package for your business you should not hold yourself back. It is always good sense to buy the software you need and which will do the job well than to buy something cheap and find out later that it can do only part of the work you want it does. The investment on a good software is worth the money you spend for it as it can help you save both money and time in the long run.  

5. Look for software with Customer support – It is impossible predict what kind of help you may need after you buy the online event management software. It may have a bug that was not apparent when bought it as all software tends to have some bug or other during the developmental phase. Customer support for the software can help you take care of any eventuality that may arise when you start using the software.


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